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Sulphur Granules

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  • Description
    The bright yellow colour Sulphur Pastilles are semi-hemispherical shaped granules formed from pure molten sulphur using a drop-forming process. Pastillation as a method for producing bulk solid sulphur is often found in facilities where raw elemental sulphur is processed into a final or intermediate product, or in facilities (such as oil refineries) where crude Sulphur is being recovered as a by-product from another production process. Vasmate Sulphur Industries is a well-known supplier of a quality Sulphur Pastille. It is processed and is extensively used forms of Sulphur in synthetic dyes and pigments, chemicals, Sulphuric acid, fertilizers, paper, explosives, starch, and different items. Vasmate Sulphur Industries offer sulphur pastille from various origin such as India, Iraq, Saudi, and UAE. Vasmate Sulphur Industries is one of the biggest exporters of Sulphur pastille.
  • Packaging
    Vasmate Sulphur Industries exports Sulphur pastille in break bulk or in containerised shipment with packaging ranging as follows: 1. Jumbo bags 2. 50 Kg bags 3. Loose
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