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Why Choose Vasmate Sulphur Industries?

Our journey began in 1993 with a vision to redefine excellence in the sulphur market. Led by our Director, Mr. Chandrakant Vasmate, we have evolved from humble beginnings to become a trusted name in the industry, renowned for our reliability and integrity.

Quality Assurance and Extensive Capacity:

Located in the modern facility of Naubad Industrial Area, Bidar, we produce top-tier Sulphur Rolls, manufacturing 5,000 MT every season and supplying 25,000 MT of Crude Sulphur annually. With a robust holding capacity of 15,000 MT Sulphur at our industrial facility, we ensure a consistent and uninterrupted supply to meet our clients' needs.

Strategic Partnerships and Diverse Clientele:

Collaborating with partners in the Middle East and representing esteemed Indian refineries such as CPCL Chennai, BPCL Kochi, Nyara Jamnagar, and MRPL Mangalore, we cater to a diverse clientele spanning sugar factories, Steel, Sugar, Fertilizer, Agrochemicals, Dyes & Pigments, Dried Fruits, Sulphuric Acid, pharmaceutical and agro-based industries. Our strategic alliances enable us to serve clients across India and overseas such as Indonesia, Japan, UAE, Malaysia, Australia, and Eastern Africa, ensuring convenience and availability of materials.

Innovative Product Offerings and Export Focus:

Distinguished by our commitment to innovation, we offer a range of downstream Sulphur products in bulk including fertilizers, pesticides, and industrial chemicals, contributing to the growth of Indian-made Sulphur products globally. With a dedicated team focused on export operations, we provide complete transparency and sustainable solutions, driving mutual growth.

Excellence in Customer Service and Supply Chain Management:

What truly sets us apart is our unparalleled customer service and expertise in supply chain management. From handling logistical challenges to ensuring swift clearance of cargo, we prioritize customer satisfaction at every step. As pioneers in exporting chemicals worldwide, we leverage our extensive trade relationships and logistical prowess to deliver superior products and services.

Customer-Centric Approach and Total Cost Optimization:

Committed to being "Customer Centric," we offer a seamless single-window service encompassing raw material sourcing, processing, and punctual delivery. By prioritizing trust, integrity, and reliability, we minimize total costs through efficient supply chain management and value-added services, ensuring optimal value for our customers.

Unmatched Quality and Competitive Pricing:

With a unique model that combines domestic and imported sources, we guarantee quality products year-round at competitive prices. As nearly four decades of exporting Sulphur products in bulk, we offer unparalleled value and assurance to our clients. Choose Vasmate Sulphur Industries for unparalleled quality, reliability, and customer-centric solutions. Experience excellence in every interaction and join us in shaping the future of the Sulphur industry.

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