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Sulphur Rolls

Sulphur roll, also known as Sulphur Stick, is a highly pure form of Sulphur obtained through a rigorous purification process involving heating of elemental Sulphur to its melting point to remove all the impurities. With our huge industry experience, we are offering excellent quality Refined Sulphur Roll. It is 99.98% pure and free from the arsenic compound. It has a maximum of 0.01% ash content and 0.03% moisture. This roll is widely used for various purpose like bleaching sugar juice. The product is consumed by sugar industry, steel, and high-tech industries that demand high purity Sulphur.


Purity 99.98% Min Ash 0.01% Max Acidity 0.00% Carbon 0.01% Max


25 Kg, 50 Kg, 1 Ton Jumbo bag 

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